Employee Spotlight

4/9/24 - Emily Dethlefs


4/5/24 - Amy Osburn


3/28/24 - Paige Martindale


3/22/24 - Liz Andrews


3/19/24 - Taylor Dierberger


3/8/24 - Lizzy Vega


2/28/24 - Tina Klimek


2/22/24 - Eric Ruppert


2/16/24 - Mariana Vazquez

Mariana was born in Mexico where she lived until she was in second grade but has lived in Grand Island ever since, where she graduated from high school.  Luckily for Pathway Insurance, she is fluent in Spanish but you would never know by talking to her that English is her second language!  She is a great asset to both Pathway Insurance and Pathway Bank with her translating skills and ability to communicate with her clients.

When asked about what her favorite things are about working at Pathway Insurance, she said that she loves the relationships that she’s established with both her clients and her co-workers.  It makes it enjoyable for her to come to work every day.  She also values the trust that her clients have in her to guide them with proper insurance coverages.  On a side note, she also loves it when we have an employee food day.  She’s a great cook and employees look forward to her dishes!

With family being so important to her, Mariana loves spending time with her children and parents outside of work.