At Pathway Bank, we offer the latest in convenience and technology.

Direct Deposit

Have checks, payroll, etc. automatically deposited into your preferred account.

  • Secure and convenient for paychecks, social security, retirement and military checks

Auto Transfer

Authorize automatic regularly scheduled payments or transfers of money from checking and/or savings accounts.

  • Easy safe and free solution to pay loans, build savings or ensure recurring monthly bills are paid on time

Credit Cards

Click the link to learn more about our credit card offerings.

Credit Cards

Statements on CD

Our annual image statement on Compact Disks provides all your prior year’s bank statements on one compact disk that includes deposit and check images.

Great for tax preparation! Get one for yourself and one for your tax man today! To receive your annual CD that contains the entire year’s statement, contact a Pathway Bank Representative today. Only $25.

24 Hour Deposits

All branch locations equipped to receive after-hour deposits.

  • Convienant and inexpensive for securing daily transactions safely

Check Ordering

Reorder your Pathway Bank checks online.

Reorder Checks

Telephone Banking

Just call (308) 485-0186 or (877) 485-0186
Convenient and accessible from any touch-tone phone, available toll-free, 24/7/365 with NO service charges. Pathway Bank’s 24 Hour Automated Teller gives you immediate access to the banking information you need most often. For day or night, at work or at home; Pathway is working hard for you.

  • Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card
  • Access Account and Loan Balances
  • Check Balances
  • Review Transaction Histories
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Make a Loan Payment
  • Find Loan Interest Paid

Safe Deposit Boxes

Boxes offer you a secure option for storing your valuable possessions and documents. Sizes vary from 3x5 to 10x15 and will vary by branch and availability. Please contact us for details.