Software Conversion Quick Reference

Quick Reference Guide for our Software Conversion on June 22, 2023

These numbers will not change for any type of Pathway Bank Account

  • Your Debit Card numbers will not change. You can continue using your same Debit Card
  • Your PIN number will remain the same
  • We expect a few minor interruptions of service. We recommend that you have a backup form of payment from June 22nd through June 26th while updates and maintenance are being done.
  • Pathway Bank offers Travel Cards that can be preloaded if you need a quick backup form of payment
  • Debit Card Activation must now be done by calling 800-290-7893 from your home/cell or business phone number or calling our Pathway Bank Operations Center at 308-485-4232
  • We are still a member of the MoneyPass Network where you can find a Surcharge Free ATM.  Money Pass
  • New Enrollment for Digital Banking will be unavailable from 6-16-23 through 6.26.23
  • Digital Banking will be in “view only” mode from 6-22-23 to 6-26-23
  • Any Digital Banking Transfers, Wires or Loan Payments will be unavailable from 6-22-23 to 6-26-23
  • Bill Pay – will not be able to add any new payments from 6-16-23 at 3:00 until 6-26-23. Any Bill payments set up prior to 6-16-23 at 3:00 will process as normal
  • Digital Banking Login – after 6-22-23, you will use your same User ID but when you login for the first time, you’ll use the last four digits of your Social Security Number, EIN for Commercial accounts for your password. You’ll then be prompted to change it to a password of your choice.
    • Must be 8 – 25 characters in length
    • Cannot contain any part of your User Name
    • Must contain at least one Letter
    • Must contain at least one Number
    • Must contain at least one Special Character – only choices are +_%@!$*~
    • Must contain at least one Upper and one Lower Case letter
    • Must not match one of the previous two passwords
  • You’ll be prompted to set up Two Factor Authentication at your first login
  • Terms and Conditions Acceptance is required which is available in the Setting/User Agreements section
No changes need to be made.
  • The existing Mobile Banking App will be removed from the App Stores on 6-23-23
  • Delete the old app from your phone
  • Download the new app which will be available in your App Store on 6-25-23
  • If you are currently enrolled, you will need to re-enroll after downloading the new App
  • Statements will be produced on all deposit accounts on 6-22-23 even if that’s not your normal statement cycle cutoff time
  • Normal statement cycles will resume on 6-30-23
  • Your statements will have a new design starting 6-30-23